Monday, 10 October 2011


Me as big bird!
So after much nagging, persuading and begging (mostly from avid blogger Suzi Knight) I've decided to start my own blog. I'm not completely a virgin to this process - I started one a while ago, but since my life took a nose dive into the boring when I was unemployed and living at home (there's only so much I could write about what my mum cooked for dinner) my thoughts dried up. But now, catapulted back into normality earlier in the year, I finally got a job as a features writer on two magazines (a craft mag and a hotel mag, not exactly Vogue), moved to Essex, and started on the last runge of the career ladder. It's only been 8 months, but a lot has happened. Living in a houseshare brings it's own challenges; a definite highlight was sharing the house with a dirty Italian pervert, which was always a treat to come home to after a stressful days work. Working 9-5 at my job, where I have developed a surprising attachment to knitting, my weekends are split between seeing my parents in Bedford; especially when I'm strapped for cash, visiting my best friends in Brighton or wondering round London and pretending I live there with my friend Katie. On top of that I'm one half of a long distance relationship, with my boyfriend currently residing in Southampton three hours away, so my Sunday's are also often spent stuffed next to a heavy breather on a rail-replacement bus. I'm living the dream. So in this blog I'm gonna bang on about my day-to-day life and hopefully it'll be alrite!

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