Monday, 7 November 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

So with Halloween done and dusted for another year and the X Factor live finals going strong with my new-found love for Gary Barlow growing each week, the start of November means one very important event, my birthday. Now I’m 24 and apparently one year away from a quarter life crisis. With quite a few life experiences under my belt already, hopefully as I’m getting older I’m getting wiser as well. Although I still have no clue about politics (right and left wing refer to an aeroplane as far as I’m concerned) and my awareness of geography is still shocking; I only just about know where France is.

Working on my birthday wasn’t exactly what I had planned but surprisingly it turned out to be a brilliant day. My desk was littered with presents from my workmates and we snacked all day on cakes and party food. Lunchtime we celebrated in style at the infamous riverside cafe, which is the only place to escape the stench of sewage that oozes from the water. The food is just delightful with rock-hard jacket potatoes and plastic chicken panini’s; it really was a treat. After work we went to Aceville’s favourite haunt, the Slug and Lettuce, had a burger and a few beverages and experienced my first night sober in the pub. 

Friday my alarm was set for 5am as the Craft Business team were off to the NEC in Birmingham for Cake International and Hobbycrafts, two thrilling craft shows. After a 3hour car ride up there, made slightly easier by an all expenses paid Little Chef brekkie, we were surrounded my old ladies eager to get their crafty mits on the latest knitting accessories, card-making tools and rubber stamps. If you are picturing lots of sweet cuddly ageing women, you couldn’t be more wrong – I was elbowed, barged into and pushed around like I was at a heavy mental gig as these grannies hustled for a bargain. The cakes were pretty impressive though, not that I got to sample any which was a shame!

 In the evening, I was reunited with Tom and he treated me to a romantic dinner where I decided to push the boat out and order monkfish, which at £18.95 I certainly made the most of not paying! Saturday, the festivities were in full swing and the eating theme continued as we met my parents for a birthday lunch. Gifts were exchanged and my bank balance given a boost, and we had a lovely time laughing and chatting. 

 Firework night proceeded, so Tom and I went to Wicksteed park, and for a bargain £3, got a good show of bangs, whizzes and sparklers set to a few tunes. Even though we were surrounded by chavvy families and young kids who made the most of being away from their parents by smoking and drinking a couple of Breezers, it was a lovely eve.

Sunday it was Tom’s great grandads 90th birthday so we ventured to his retirement village, which resembles something from the Truman show, for some more celebrations. He has made it to 90 and was a war hero, so I can’t hold too much of a grudge that he stole a bit of my birthday thunder. After stuffing my face with sausage rolls and cucumber sandwiches it was time to say goodbye to my lover boy for another 2 week stint apart.

All in all another great round of birthday celebrations!

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