Sunday, 6 November 2011

Spooky, Spooky!

Halloween not only is a great reason to go out and get smashed, but it’s the only occasion when it’s acceptable to dress up like a lunatic. But with the joys of drinking into oblivion and dancing recklessly, the prospect of coming up with an original costume idea is one that fills me with dread every time. I wish I was a closet crafter and really creative when it comes to making outfits with colourful material, but I am really not. So when my friends Kayleigh and David invited me and Tom to their party for the weekend, I started racking my brain for the ultimate outfit. Eventually I came up with the idea of Little Dead Riding Hood with Tom dressing as a big bad wolf, so after battling the crowds in the one fancy dress shop in Southampton I came out £30 lighter with the chosen costume. Like a little boy in a sweet shop, as soon as Tom set his eyes on a Wolverine outfit he was sold, so the wolf idea went out the window.

All in all the costumes went down a treat and we had a great night, reliving the uni days partying the night away in Vodka Revs. 

The day after, I hopped on a train down to Brighton to finally meet baby Freddie who had been born the day before. The first little one for our group of girls, he is a beautiful porker and I can’t wait to watch him grow up, tell him my jokes and teach him about God, given my bible bashing past! Having a cuddle with Freddie, did make me wonder when I’d like a little Dickson running around, but after Tom told me he might want to do a PhD, I think I’ll be waiting about 20 years before settling down. So congrats Becky and James!

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