Monday, 9 January 2012

A few festive snaps

So Christmas has come and gone; the tree sent off to the shredder, turkey sandwiches done to death and the mulled wine hangover well and truly over, and what a brilliant time it was. I got to go home for a glorious ten days, where I spent my time enjoying mumsy’s washing facilities and laughing with loved ones.

I stuffed my face with dads turkey (the one meal he cooks for the year), squealed in delight opening my presents, and played games till we were blue in the face. 

Least when the January depression set in, I had some happy memories to look back on.
So after gaining something close to a ton and falling at the first hurdle of my New Year’s diet (they offered chocolate biscuits round at work and it felt rude to refuse) I’m eager to get back into my fitness regime.

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