Monday, 6 February 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

So Saturday saw me and the girls paint London town red and don our party hats for Harriet’s 24th birthday. After a mad dash round Oxford Circus, side-stepping the Chinese tourists and dodging the dawdling shoppers in the race against time for a last minute outfit, we hopped on the train to Streatham. 

1. New Look £19.99 2. Aldo £23.98 3. New Look £7.99 4. Miss Selfridge £42
We got to Hayley’s flat and soon got into the swing of things when the rest of the girls arrived. A lot of wine, chatter, laughter and a couple of outfits later, and we were ready to totter into the night. Notorious for getting a little tipsy on just the one glass of pink, I welcomed Lauren’s party nibbles when we got to her flat in Clapham and munched my way through pizza, crisps and Percy Pigs. The wine began to flow and we got more raucous; singing at the top of our lungs and busting out our signature dance moves. Little did we know, the heavens had well and truely opened outside and the snow was now coming down thick and fast. But it would’ve taken more than that to get us to take off our gladrags and pop on our pj’s, so we hailed a taxi and headed off to the first bar. 

We ended the night bopping away to our favourite chavvy tunes, dancing round our handbags, surrounded by sweaty Londoners. Not forgetting the cheeky kebab I scoffed back at the flat before laying my dizzy head to rest. 

The next day we soothed our tender heads with a bacon and egg muffin spread and a dose of the film Bridesmaids, which had us up and dancing by the end. After mustering up the strength for a shower and a change of clothes, we set off in search of our next food fix. We then spent the next couple of hours hauled up in a cosy bistro in Streatham high street, chatting, gossiping and reminiscing, generally having a fantastic time. 

We were missing one crucial part of the eight-some though, and Becky Rowland was sorely missed!

It’s weekends like this that remind me how lucky I am to have such brilliant mates.

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  1. Looks like you had fun! lovely pictures!