Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bring Back Retro Food

Forget gorging on posh nosh like sushi and steak sarnies, old family favourites are making a comeback to the dinner table. From scotch eggs to pie pops, hearty British snacks such as these are popular once again and I’ve never been so happy to get to grips with a food trend. Being an avid sausage fan myself, (no pun intended) just the thought of a meaty-inspired snack makes my mouth water and nothing makes me want to ditch the diet more than a treat from the picnic basket. Whether it’s a sausage roll, scotch egg or Cornish pasty, they are all set for a revamp and a revival and I will be happy to indulge whatever the weather.
Inspired by the cake-pop trend, pie-pops look set to be the latest craze in instant food to warm your tum. The miniature pies on sticks are guaranteed to be causing a stir at parties and trendy restaurants as quirky, eye-catching appetisers. These gourmet snacks on the go will be a busy person’s treat, so I’m certain I’ll grab one next time I frequent the wonder that is Liverpool Street station and opt out of a Burger King.

Another food trend that is predicted to be big business and brings light to my life, is doughnuts. Forget gritty, rubbery supermarket stuff, a fresh doughnut is a thing of joy. A deli in New York has been wowing the Yanks with fresh, organic beauties in flavours like blackberry jelly, panettone, creme brulee and coconut cream. It won’t be long until these sugary sweet delights ooze their way over to our shores and into our bellies, upping our fat intake and teasing us at the hips.

The latest hot specialty bakery treat to be in vogue are Canelés, a custardy French pastry that have been duped the ‘new cupcakes’. A favourite in Bordeaux, made from an egg-yolk-enriched crêpe-like batter that’s baked in copper molds lined with caramel and beeswax. Don’t be put off with the addition of the latter, one bite and you would’ve forgotten all about the hairy-winged creatures that helped on the production line.

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