Friday, 30 March 2012

JLS live!

So last Friday not only was I blessed with a day off, managed a bit of a lie in and had my car serviced, I also hopped on a train down to London to go to see juicy boyband JLS in concert at the o2.

Accompanied by my partner in crime Mumsy, who had borrowed my CD prior to the event in an attempt to learn some of the songs, we got to the capital about 3pm and proceeded straight to Oxford Street to dabble in a spot of shopping. After trying to persuade mum that I really did need that gorgeous top from New Look and failing miserably at getting some money spent on me, we mooched across to Carnaby Street. 

I showed mum my dream place to work, women’s magazines headquarters and then stopped in Covent Garden to rub shoulders with the rich and stare at passers-by. After a quick pit stop and paying through the roof for a glass of coke, we headed to Prezzo to fill up on some carbs.
We had a wild goose chase on the tube before finally arriving at the o2 and we found our seats among hordes of screaming 10-year-olds – I fitted right in. So for the next two hours we whooped, cheered and blushed at the boys thrusting movements, while bopping along to the tunes. 

We collapsed in a heap at home around 12am, with sore throats and achy feet, but it was all worth it – we had a fab day.

Even after being ribbed by my friends and work colleagues for my taste in music, I am carrying on my obsession with young boybands and have booked tickets to see One Direction in concert next year. I think you can guess I am extremely excited! 

The next day, what better way to start a Saturday morning than with the sun shining and a batch of fried egg on toast to calm my rumbling tummy.

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  1. I'm so jealous....natttt! looks like you had a good day tho :) x