Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fashion faux pas

Waking up in morning I am immediately faced with the daily wardrobe dilemma. What the heck do I wear today?

First of all, what’s clean and doesn’t stink? Secondly what did I wear yesterday? And lastly what’s the weather like? For your average man this debate is oh so simple, they just chuck on the nearest combo and roll with it, but for us girls we rack our brains for a good 10 minutes often trying on a number of variations before settling on our final choice. I often have to explain to my boss why I am a little late to work because I have been held up staring blankly and uninspired at my dowdy wardrobe.

Probably one of the best complements on a new top or favourite dress comes from your nearest and dearest, so I when I sauntered into work the other day and noticed a shimmer of familiarity over by the sink, I embraced my fashion faux-pas. My good friend Holly had made the exact same wardrobe choice that morning and we were papped wearing our trusty floral New Look shirts proudly side by side!

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