Saturday, 28 April 2012

My favourite dishes...

Being a typical girl I obviously worry about my bod, especially when it comes to summer and I have to strip off and unveil it to the public (much to their horror). But unfortunately one of my great loves in life is food and when it comes to a good homecooked meal or a pick up from my good friend Mr King (first name Burger) I can't resist piling my plate high and scoffing my face until the top button at of my jeans has to admit defeat.

My two main weaknesses are..
A good-old English fry-up

and a traditional Sunday roast dinner

Did I not mention the scrummy pavalova?!

These are a couple of main meals that no matter how hardcore my diet is, I just cannot say no to. So apologies in advance to my fellow holidaymakers round the swimming pool that will get to witness me waddling round in my bikini.

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