Monday, 2 April 2012

The rents came to visit...

So the weekend just gone was probably my best one for a little while. Not only did I have the pleasure of seeing Mr Dickson, but after much planning and anticipation, my parents made the trip to Colchester for a fun-filled weekend.

The Monks don’t do things by half and mumsy couldn’t pay me a visit without going the whole hog and checking out every place in Colchester I’d ever mentioned.  
So the rents insisted that they wanted to have a peek at my workplace. By a peek I mean a grand tour and introduction to all my colleagues and boss, but after getting over the initial shock of seeing my parents at my workplace, it was certainly a highlight to my Friday afternoon.

‘I like to picture where you are!’ she protested, but after a round trip to Asda, the netball courts where I play, and the gym, I was ready to get off the tour bus and indulge in a Friday night curry. 
Saturday and Sunday involved lots of walking, sight-seeing, cream teas, eating, befriending animals and even a bit of education as we ventured round Dedham, Flatford, Mistley Towers and Colchester Castle.

With mumsy exclaiming at every bit of wildlife she encountered, Tom taking full advantage of my parents being fellow tea drinkers and dad embracing his inner Mario Testino and taking on the role of official photographer, we had a brilliant weekend. 

We finished off on Sunday with a huge roast dinner with enough lamb to feed a minibus of hungry men, before saying our goodbyes and being showered with food cast offs from mumsy.

I have to credit Dave Monk himself with these very professional looking pictures. As my camera is from around 1961, (It might as well be a wind-on) my snaps don’t even come close to these masterpieces.

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