Tuesday, 10 April 2012

This weeks picks

This week has been a typically jammed-packed week for the media, with no shortage of jaw-dropping headlines, celebrity slip-ups and slatings for the government. Here is what has caught my eye this week...

A Good Week For...

Chocolate and cupcakes
With Easter coming and going and the bumper bank holiday, it seems that not a day has gone by where I haven't stuffed my face with a chocolate egg or a homemade cupcake. Easter is certainly one of my favourite seasons, so it seems only just to celebrate it with a mountain of sugary treats. 

I actually got to browse the shops this week and noticed one trend has edged its way into all the high street favourites. Bows are making a comeback; whether it's attached to a snazzy clutch, on a pair of pumps keeping your tooties warm, or even covering up greasy hair that is long overdue a wash, bows are bang on trend right now.bows 
Justin Bieber
So I finally got round to seeing Never Say Never, the Justin Bieber epic and I have to say red-faced that after 10 minutes I was hooked. Any excuse to fuel my obsession for teeny bopper boybands and I will stick my new poster of Justin proudly next to JLS and One Direction.

A Bad Week For...

Samantha Brick
This poor woman has had probably one of the worst weeks of her life. Ever since posting a very honest and modest (cough cough) view of her life on the Daily Mail's website, she has been hounded with Twitter abuse, smarmy remarks from celebrities and even appeared on This Morning in an attempt to clear up the mess. No matter what you think, it was certainly a hot topic in our office. 

Shorts and flip-flops
If you brought out the bare legs and strappy sandals last week when the sun came out for more than a peek, then I'm pretty sure these summer staples are safely back in the wardrobe now. At the first sign of sunshine us Brits embrace the shorts and flowy dresses in a bid to catch some rays. Typical English weather meant it didn't last and now we are digging out the umbrellas again. 

One Tree Hill
After 9 juicy seasons, one of my all time favourite shows has come to an end. I watched One Tree Hill right from the start of the Lucas, Peyton, Brooke love triangle, to Keith's death and recently Nathan's kidnapping, and I laughed, cried and exclaimed as if it was real life. I'm not too sure how I'm going to fill this void, but I may indulge in another teen-angst filled drama like Gossip Girl.

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