Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Little things

Today I am... 

Obsessing over: The pastel trend and shirts. What a simple combo and great when you're not feeling great body-wise. 

Working on: Building up a portfolio of all my best journalism work to show off in a pretty folder. 

Thinking about: booking a much-needed holiday. Please bank account let me go somewhere hot, tranquil and free of civil war in September! 

Anticipating: seeing my parents at the weekend. It's been over 3 weeks and I'm looking forward to some home-cooked food, relaxing and being pampered. 

Listening to: Conor Maynard, Can't Say No. I can't resist blasting this tune from my car, much to the dismay of grannies at the bus stop.

Eating: A bar of chocolate before I hit the gym tonight. Oops 

Wishing: Two things – firstly that the sun would finally come out of hiding so I can finally banish my winter wares back to the wardrobe. Secondly that I was seeing Tom this weekend and we didn't live so far apart. :(

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