Sunday, 24 June 2012

I love Brighton...

When the sun shines (I'm hoping it will at least once this summer) there is nothing I love more than harping back to my hometown to see Brighton in its full glory. The streets come to life, buzzing with sunseekers in shorts and wayfarers and the sea looks like a floor of mirrors beaming with yellow light. I love the seafront, the brightly-coloured beach huts, the quirky lanes and even the tourist haven that is the Pier. So one unexpectedly jolly Saturday, me and Emily took full advantage of the short-lived warm weather and headed into town to treat ourselves to a cheeky glass of vino. Armed with the cash I trotted into a pub in the lanes and decided Emily deserved a large glass of white, while I, as the designated driver, opted for a smaller offering of rose. It was a lush way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Looks so lush!
    Love your blog, now following.

  2. I love Brighton in the sun too, it really suits it (does that make sense?!) especially the lanes and all the little independent shops. Nothing like a good glass of wine in the sun! xxx

  3. I wanna say the same "I love Brighton"! You are looking so beautiful and glasses took beautiful place on your eyes. I have visited many pubs in Brighton and glad to see that you got the pub too.

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