Thursday, 19 July 2012

35 years later...

1977 was the year Star Wars first opened in cinemas, James Callaghan was the UK’s Prime Minister and the ‘King’ Elvis Presley died aged just 42. But beating all these world-changing events to be the star occasion not to be missed was the wedding of David Monk and Pamela Poole. 

Now more than three decades later, they have just celebrated their 35th year of marriage and are still going strong! Obviously apart from the big day itself, 1987 and 1985 have been momentous occasions since, (the birth of me and my brother) and in 35 years they are still very happy together –although they are the epitome of an ‘old married couple’ with some of the conversations they have, namely about birds and what the neighbours have been doing, but I love being part of the Monk clan.

So in 1977 when they got married, my dad had a tash and they bought their first house in Brighton for a tiny £13,000 and didn’t know what adventures life would bring!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Eynsham Carnival

It’s become a bit of a yearly tradition now that the Posselwhites and Dicksons come together in July for the world famous Eynsham carnival, and this year marked our second attempt. It’s always a funny day out, filled with Morris men, candy floss and hot dogs, handmade quirky floats and fairground rides. Unfortunately the weather did rain on our parade and tried to put a dampener on things, but we donned our raincoats and wellies and braved the elements to mark the occasion. 

The cider was in full flow at 1pm and we caught a bit of the crazy float race before heading to the showground to get stuck in the mud. Apart from a torrential downpour that saw the crowds scrambling to take cover in the arts and crafts tent, we stuck it out until the late afternoon, finishing it off with another beverage in the village pub. We then headed back to the Posselwhite mansion to carry on the party into the night! 
The next day, we ventured into Oxford town centre to have a wander. We started with a drink in the oldest pub in Oxford and then took our seats at the local Weatherspoons to tackle a cheeseburger and cheer on Murray in the Wimbledon final.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fifty Shades Darker

As soon as I finished the first one, I straight away began searching for my next fix of Mr Grey. In the end it was mumsy who bought it for me, spotting it in Sainsbury’s and slyly scanning and bagging at the self-serve till. So I guess you could say I am now well and truly hooked.

I enjoyed the first book a lot, but it’s got to the point now where I’m hoping for more a storyline and less of the description love scenes – not that I flick past those bits completely obviously. As my obsession with these two characters grow, I’ll keep you posted with my progress and hopefully momentum will still be going strong when it comes to purchasing the last in the trilogy. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Olympic Torch comes to Colchester...

Normally I wouldn’t be very eager to get out of my warm cosy bed at approx 5.45am on a Friday morning, but this time I forced myself in order to catch a glimpse of the Olympic Torch as it made its way through the streets of Colchester. Obvs it was raining, so armed with my winter coat and umbrella, I parked my car at work at 6.55am, before heading into town with some of my work chums.

We bagged ourselves a front row view and the street soon started filling up with soggy children and wet and weary parents. We kept morale high with singing and the random high-fiving of policeman on motorbikes, and it wasn’t long before the sponsor trucks made their way down to us, booming with loud music and enthusiastic dancers. With the neighbourhood well and truly awake, along came a Chinese man running with the Olympic Torch. Not a clue who he was, but he must have been a do-gooder from Essex to get the privilege of holding the golden baton. 
So that was it, he ran past and then the crowd quickly dispersed. So after all the thrills, we headed to the warmth of a local pub to indulge in bacon sandwiches and hot drinks. Even though I only got to see the torch for approx 30 seconds, and had to sit in soggy jeans for the rest of my day at work, it was well worth it and probably something that I’ll never get to experience again. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

So I did it. I jumped on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon. Even since this erotic phenomenon took off in epic proportions across the world, I have been unable to turn a blind eye to this book. So I begrudgingly ventured to Tesco on Monday in my lunch break to purchase this dirty novel and see what all the fuss was about. It took a trip to another branch of the supermarket and a scramble past a few dawdling old biddies to finally get my hands on the last copy of the book in stock. Clutching the £3.86 bargain in my grasp I made my way home to dive into the filth head-first.

Now I'm over half way through and despite covering the naughty content with my strategically-placed hands on the train to London last week, it's been a brilliant read thus far. Before starting on the novel, I even mentioned to my mum that she could borrow it afterwards if it was worth it, but I'm not sure such erotic scenes is something i want to me encouraging mumsy into!

The book has taken off in an incredible way and even earned the nickname 'mummy porn', so considering this is the first published effort from the author - she struck gold! Are you reading it yet? What do you think?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Birthday fun

Saturday was one of the most hotly-anticipated events of the summer – Eddie Colburns 21st birthday garden party. Having known the Colburn clan for about 15 years it was expected to be a flamboyant bash, fit with hog roast and lamb, ice cream van and plentiful booze, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The shindig started around 4pm with people of all ages streaming into the garden and indulging in a drink or five. As the night went on, things picked up pace, guests got a bit more rowdy and the party spirit was in full flow. Me and Emily stumbled home about 12.30am and crawled into bed, praying the hangover would be kind to me in the morning. It was great to catch up with old chums and have a good giggle.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

I love London...

Our capital city is actually a place to be very proud of. Despite swarming with Chinese tourists, being a warzone as soon as the clock hits 5pm on a weekday and having a distinct whiff about the place, it is home to some absolute gems. Shoreditch high street, quirky Dalston, Big Ben, posh Notting Hill, not to mention the big Palace where the Queen rests her head. Aside from shopper's haven Oxford Street and hotspot Covent Garden, the city is steeped in history and is something us Brits should really embrace. Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, the Tate Modern and HMS Belfast on the River Thames, even the iconic red buses are all vital parts that make up the wonder of London town. After my bout of Colchester life, the dream is to move to the big city and take residence in a small dingy flat, going out on school nights and living the high life. 

So last Thursday, me and mumsy decided to take an impromptu day off and add another chapter to our exploring London series. Having already ticked Covent Garden, Green Park, Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park off our list, we decided to head for the Embankment and Tower Bridge. The weather was kind to us and we spent the day gawping at the Olympic Rings hanging over the Thames, having a drink by the Tate, wondering along the South Bank and dining in Pizza Express (using a voucher obvs). All in all it was a lovely day.