Sunday, 15 July 2012

Olympic Torch comes to Colchester...

Normally I wouldn’t be very eager to get out of my warm cosy bed at approx 5.45am on a Friday morning, but this time I forced myself in order to catch a glimpse of the Olympic Torch as it made its way through the streets of Colchester. Obvs it was raining, so armed with my winter coat and umbrella, I parked my car at work at 6.55am, before heading into town with some of my work chums.

We bagged ourselves a front row view and the street soon started filling up with soggy children and wet and weary parents. We kept morale high with singing and the random high-fiving of policeman on motorbikes, and it wasn’t long before the sponsor trucks made their way down to us, booming with loud music and enthusiastic dancers. With the neighbourhood well and truly awake, along came a Chinese man running with the Olympic Torch. Not a clue who he was, but he must have been a do-gooder from Essex to get the privilege of holding the golden baton. 
So that was it, he ran past and then the crowd quickly dispersed. So after all the thrills, we headed to the warmth of a local pub to indulge in bacon sandwiches and hot drinks. Even though I only got to see the torch for approx 30 seconds, and had to sit in soggy jeans for the rest of my day at work, it was well worth it and probably something that I’ll never get to experience again. 

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  1. Love it! we are going tonight for the B'town one!