Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Sunday bike ride...

Last Sunday we decided to don our helmets and hire some bikes to explore the New Forest in style. After hopping on a train to Brockenhurst and praying for the rain to stop, we picked up our cycles and set our sights on an 11mile trek with a mid-way pub pit stop. Our first hurdle was navigating the map, which was more difficult than expected, but once we came to our first forest opening and eyed a very large bull, we decided to just follow our noses and hope for the best. So after a major detour that saw us brave a main road and cars speeding past us at 60mph, we finally reached the pub where a welcome lunch awaited.  I scoffed a scrumptious meal of pork belly and downed a pint of Pepsi before hitting the road again. To say we were ‘saddle sore’ was an understatement and I spent the majority of the cycle home trying to keep the seat as far away from my bum as possible. We ended the day splattered with mud and thoroughly tired out, ready for a nice hot bath and steak dinner when we got home. 

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